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[New dataset] Weenat exposes its weather data on API-Agro

Nantes-based Weenat, a specialist in connected meteorology, has chosen to expose its dataset on the API-Agro exchange platform.

As a major player in AgTech, Weenat shares the same principles as Agdatahub concerning agricultural data: they are valuable as long as they are interoperable and can be exchanged securely and with the consent of farmers.


>> Discover the API data made available by Weenat on API-Agro

The arrival of Weenat corresponds completely to the DNA of the API-Agro platform: exchanging accurate data, securely and with the consent of farmers, to enable publishers of innovative services to develop new tools to serve farmers“, comments Sébastien Picardat, Agdatahub’s chief executive officer.

> Download the press release <<

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