Through an identifier which is verified during platform access, your exchanges are totally secure. Follow the steps to exchange personal data in full compliance with European regulations.

Control the visibility
and dissemination
of your data

Exchange as much data as you want using formats and frequency that you determine. Users ask you directly. Only you decide who gets access to your data and services, in public or private modes.

your data

Give value to your data and determine your rates for subscriptions, single or recurring purchases. You can easily find acquirers who meet your business criteria and negotiate on your terms.

Access the agricultural

The platform connects data suppliers and users in the agricultural sector, including all value chains. All the data from your partners, clients, suppliers and subsidiaries is at your fingertips.

Create or access
personalized catalogues

Choose the keywords to describe your data or help clients find them, regardless of the sector, around the world. Find the most relevant offers for your sector, your profession or your geographical location.

Choose free or paid data

Use the flexibility of the API-AGRO platform to monetize or exchange data for free with a single tool. Take advantage of a growth lever derived from the circulation of data.

Manage your contracts

Through customized licence agreements, control the possible uses of your data. Establish data usage rights to generate a protective contract between you and your contact.

Highlight your data

Use data visualisation algorithms to assess at a glance the quality and relevance of data. View representative samples generated automatically by algorithms.

Be notified
when necessary

Do not miss any opportunity and receive notifications on topics that require your attention. The platform offers value-added services to optimise the management of your data.

Anticipating exchanges

For recurring transactions, schedule, monitor and track your data exchanges over time. Boost the trust in your relationships with partners by improving the reliability of your exchanges.

your administration

Ensure the traceability of your transactions through a history of all discussions in your space. On API-AGRO, select and use data relevant to the performance and quality of your business.