The solutions used by API-AGRO are based on two key players in the fields of software platforms for data exchange and hosting.
The technologies developed by DAWEX, a publisher of data exchange software, and OUTSCALE, a leader in Cloud Computing, meet the needs of all stakeholders, both public and private.
Integrated into the platform, they guarantee total security for users who expose, share and draw value from their data on API-AGRO, within the context of trusted relationships.


DAWEX’s globally recognized expertise in the data economy must also enable users to adapt to market changes and to exploit new uses for their data.
In accordance with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation, the Cloud Computing services offered by OUTSCALE meet the most demanding standards on the global market.


Leveraging the technological know-how of DAWEX and OUTSCALE, the platform makes the most powerful data-sharing technologies hosted on a sovereign infrastructure accessible – for all organizations of any size. From the ‘Basic’ package through to the ‘Premium’ package, subscriptions are designed to meet the most varied needs.