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Multi-sector, API-AGRO brings together all actors in the agricultural ecosystem. Networking on the platform, your interoperable and secure data is exposed within a qualified community of identified clients and partners committed to trusted relationships.

Give visibility to your data!

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API-AGRO is the trusted third party between actors on the platform. By carefully validating each member, the platform guarantees that your data will be used by the acquirers you have chosen, and according to the licence of use to which you have subscribed. Only you decide who you are distributing your data to, in open or private marketplace modes.

Keep control of your data!

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Cross-sourcing, customizing your offers and regularly updating your data, API-AGRO assists you in managing and structuring your data. Use the added services offered on the platform (algorithms, data visualisation) to evaluate the quality and relevance of your data

Decision support tools, statistics, traceability, develop new uses for your data!

By joining the API-AGRO platform, distribute your data with total security, while controlling their destination and use

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