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Technical references or satellite images, laboratory data or public data, the data available on the platform is a valuable multi-sector resource for developing applications for tomorrow’s agriculture.

Discover the open catalogue of raw or aggregated data from heterogeneous sources!

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API-AGRO plays a role in aggregating supplier data. Simple to use, the platform is composed of several interfaces allowing for the provision of data, in raw form or via APIs (especially in real time), thematic searches, or the export of datasets.

Visualize data samples generated automatically by algorithms!

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API-AGRO provides an open catalogue of raw or aggregated data, supports you in their use, and offers advice on the expectations of agricultural sector actors

By choosing the right package for your needs, use all the data you need, as often as you like!

By joining the API-AGRO platform, select and use the data useful for the development of your activities

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